Monday, 30 March 2015

21 Totally Awesome Things About Having Guy Best Friends


1. You can ditch the bitchy conversations 

This leaves room for more pressing subject matters, such as the likelihood of dolphins obtaining superior intelligence and taking over the world. (It's called the Dolpocalypse people- it's real and it's coming for us all.) 

2. They're better than girls at being your personal carer when you've had too many jagerbombs and are starting to embarrass yourself

Will stay with you for hours if necessary to prevent chunks of vomit getting stuck in your hair.

3. They are even willing to make you a bacon and egg sandwich the morning after. 

 There for you when you physically can't move off of the sofa and need greasy food, stat.

4. You can pretend they're your boyfriend when the creepy guy is trying to hit on you in the club 

Sexual predators of the club scene beware.

5. They're super easy to be around 

 Maximum laughter with minimal effort.

6. You Can Go Full on Primal Around Food

Being ladylike is no longer a thing with tomato ketchup all over your face.

7. Shopping is Easy 

If they like it and it's cheap, they'll get it. Boom. Let's eat.

9. Honesty Really is the Best Policy 

If they say you look nice, they mean it. If they say you're being a bitch, they mean it. And you probably are.

10. Together, you could be potential criminal masterminds

Like Bonnie and Clyde but way cooler.

11. They Make Good Wingmen 

Surprisingly have good taste in other men.

12. You finally have someone to share your love of Marvel, Star Wars and Adventure Time with 

 Woo Nerd-Fest!

13. You Learn the Art of Being Lazy 

They convince you that watching Netflix and eating Doritos can be a productive way to spend your day.

14. They are literally the only person you could live with without wanting to kill them in their sleep. 

They don't leave their shit everywhere and make your tea how you like it. A flatmate match made in heaven.

15. Arguments are rare and hilarious 

Ends with you just pulling faces, yelling "shut upppp," to one another and realising how stupid you both sound. Hysterical.

16. Equal Rights 

It's a "I'll down that shot of questionable alcohol if you will" kind of situation. If you do it together, then it doesn't seem like such a bad idea at the time.

17. Guys say the Funniest Things 

Like messaging you with the urgent matter that they've accidentally shaved their sideburns off. But that's another story for another day,

18.  You Do Things in sync and it's weird and possibly supernatural 

It's crazy how we finish each other's sandwiches.

19. The Need for a new Boyfriend becomes unnecessary 

You may be single and alone but at least your guy friend can't break up with you. Win.

20. They Can be Super Supportive

Sometimes they give such good advice that you have to go away for a while and process that nugget of genius. 

21. You're kind of stuck with them 

Whether you've been friends for two months or two years, you can expect to be stuck with each other for a while. In the best way.

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