Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The 39 Stages of Revising All Students Go Through

Ah revision, or rather attempting to revise but ultimately failing. 

Without further ado, here are the 39 stages all students go through whilst revising, 
featuring the comedic gold that are Ed Miliband's facial expressions. (And yes, I spent more time on this than my actual revision. I regret nothing.) 

1. Okay, today's going to be productive, time to revise.

2. Wait, five more minutes.

3. Shit, I slept in.

4. Before I do anything brash, coffee. Always coffee.

5. Books are out, so I guess I should study this module first? Or maybe the other one because my exam for that one is sooner.


7. This is proving difficult, maybe not

8. Is there a subject that involves colouring in and lots of mind maps? Because I like colouring in.

9. Wait, I didn't take geography

10. And you can't colour code the quadratic equation.

11. I'm doing a mind map and it's going to be epic.

12. Is it lunch time yet?

13. No? Are you sure?

14. I've just spent three hours creating a mind map.

15. Yet I know nothing.

16. YASSS lunch time.

17. I might watch a bit of Vampire Diaries during my lunch break, just to take the edge off.

18. I accidentally watched six episodes of TVD, damn you Netflix and your countdown to the next episode.

19. I really need to get back to revision

20. But I'm kinda hungry again, got any snacks?

21. Raisins are not a snack, cake is a snack. Cake is brain food, haven't you heard?

22. WOO I made some notes!

23. Notes that I already wrote out once last week and totally forgot about

24. I am a legitimate idiot.

25. I did a practice paper, scored 89%, #winning

26. Oh wait, I calculated that wrong. I scored 48%.

27. Christ, I need more coffee.

28. God, I hate revising.

29. *Sends tweet about how much I hate revising*

30. It's 7:00pm, how the hell did that happen?

31. Dinner Time, I don't know about you but I think I deserve a takeaway.

32. Maybe just a bit of revision before bed...


34. I could stay up and revise...

35. Or I could sleep now and get up early to revise

36. Alternatively, I could do neither.

37. I am the world's worst student.

38. I quit

39. Seriously, what is life.

If Ed doesn't help you feel better about the trauma that is revision, then you are a lost cause, my friend. 

Good Luck and as always, thank you for reading! 

Georgia x 

Check back for more 'How To' Guides, Reviews and general snippets of my pure brilliance. 

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