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Pretty Little Liars: The Big "A" Reveal


We all knew that the reaction to the Pretty Little Liars season 6 finale would have three possible outcomes.

Unfortunately, it was none of the above. In fact, it was more like this.

As much as I am a die-hard PLL fan, the answer to who A is was, well, disappointing.
I feel like I’ve come to the end of a relationship that I put so much into, yet didn’t get anything back from. I put five years of my life into this TV programme, endless gasps, endless “no ways,” and endless “what the F is Aria wearing?” all for a mediocre finale. So congratulations Marlene King, you’ve made me feel like a scorned lover.

If you’re reading this and haven’t watched the finale yet, and didn’t take heed of the massive spoiler warning at the top of this post, look away now.

So, CeCe is A. Why? Who the hell knows, but she gave us an impressive back story full of so much bullshit; we would have believed anything she told us at that point.

It wasn’t that the back story was necessarily bad, it was just kind of pulled out of nowhere. This is a backstory that has only really been pieced together in the last season, so it makes the other 5 seem like a complete waste of time.

So let’s get this straight. Alison’s Mum and Dad had a first son called Charles, who apparently was a problem child who tried to drown Ali in a bath when she was a baby, even though we later find out that this was an accident. So what do the parents do, have the poor kid sectioned, of course. I mean come on, my brother knocked my front teeth out once but my parents didn’t put him in a straightjacket.

His hapless Mother is the only one who visits him, and tells her husband and Alison and Jason that he’s dead. To complicate matters further, Charles decides he wants to become a Charlotte.

To cut a long story short, Charles’s friend Bethany pushes Toby’s Mum off the roof, blames Charles, he seeks revenge but ends up mistaking Bethany for Alison and hits her over the head with a rock instead.

Back in Radley, she manipulates Mona to be her puppet, and is pissed at Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna for being pleased that Ali is dead, hence the years of torment.

Fans took to Twitter to express their bitter disappointment:

As I said, the backstory wasn’t bad, if not blown way way out of proportion. As twisted as it sounds, I just wish A had been someone I had more of an emotional attachment to. No one even liked CeCe, and she wasn’t exactly a major character, she was actually pretty irrelevant. And her accomplice is little girl lost Sara, who we’ve known for all of what, five minutes? THANKS A BUNCH FOR NOT PULLING OUT MY HEARTSTRINGS, MARLENE.

There would have been so many other characters that would have made a better A. Look, I’ve even made a list.

Spencer Hastings 

Man, I wish I was Spencer. Photograph: Tv Live

We all know she never liked Alison, has a drug habit and is also a teeny bit mentally unstable.
She’s also brilliant, so would have made a great criminal mastermind. She’s one of the liars, so there’s that whole issue of self sabotage, but you know what they say; keep your friends close…

Mumma Hastings 

Veronica is one bad ass mother. Photograph: Pretty Little Liars Wiki 

She’s had a rough time of it. Her husband had a child with Alison’s Mother, who’s also kind of a bitch. I’m also not convinced she likes anyone that much, so would have no problem throwing some serious shade.

Caleb Rivers 

Getting Caleb to cut his hair- the ONLY good decision the
producers made. Photograph: 

He’s a mastermind with computers, and Hanna’s a total bitch to him most of the time.

Emily Fields 

This face. Every. Single. Episode.

Well, at least it would give her a job to do. All she’s done is stand there all wide eyed and got with every girl on the swim team.

Toby Canvanaugh
That Toby smolder though. *swoons*
Photograph: Pinterest

He’s been accused of leading the A game twice now, so he seems the most obvious suspect. Just know it would have broken my heart if this had been the case. Spoby forever.

Jenna Marshall 

Has anyone seen this girl? Photograph: abc family 

Whatever happened to her? Is she still blind or?

Ezra Fitz 

How could you not get lost in those eyes?
Photograph: Alloy Entertainment

It’s a possibility, but let’s not even go there. With his puppy dog eyes, he can teach me English Lit any day.

Mona's Mum 

Ah yes, that moment when she slapped Alison DOWN.
Gif: Speakeasy 

Does she even exist? Because she takes Mona “out of town” an awful lot.

The Guy that Dated Hanna in Season 1 

Who are you again?
Photograph: pseudomerism


The Guy that Dated Emily in Season 1 

She's just not that into you, Ben.
Photograph: Sentimental Movie Marathon 

Bet he’s still pretty pissed that she dumped him to go bat for the other team.

See? Literally anyone. Luckily, the series didn’t just end like Gossip Girl (which I’m still mourning the loss of,) series 7 is set five years into the future and the executive producer Marlene King hasn’t ruled out an eighth. So I’ve supposed we’ve got something to be hAppy about.

Photograph: E! Online

What did you think of the finale? AmAzing or AmAteur?

Don't forget to hit me up on social media. Just please don't start stalking me and signing off with "A." Thank you. 

As always, thanks for reading!

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