Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Best Vegan Hair Conditioners for Natural Hair

Since making my own hair conditioners, I’ve noticed the lack of vegan ingredients that are promoted on websites to repair dry and damaged natural hair. I’m not personally a fully-fledged vegan, but I do try and use as few animal products as possible, and many people forget that the vegan lifestyle still translates into things like clothes, make-up and hair products (yes, even some wines are a no-no.)

The majority of DIY hair conditioners contain honey, yoghurt, or egg, which; whilst great as a source of protein, are not so great for vegans.

So, I’ve done some experimenting and found some of the best vegan ingredients to use for DIY hair conditioners that will still leave your hair strong, shiny and egg free.

1.    Coconut Oil

This was single handedly the biggest trend last year, falling shortly behind the sacred avocado, and people were slathering it on everything. My hair is in love with coconut oil, and I buy it by the bucketload. Rich in vitamins and minerals, coconut oil moisturises dry hair and stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the hair follicles. It can also prevent hair breakage, which is a massive problem if you’re a fellow transitioner

2. Shea Butter

Shea is produced from the Shea-Karite tree nut, a native tree found in the tropics of East and West Africa. It’s known for its healing qualities, and can be used to sooth irritated scalps, act as a shield against UV rays and protect against heat. Use it alone or add it to your favourite (vegan) conditioner to give you extra moisture.

3. Olive Oil 

Sure you’re more used to cooking your Friday night fajitas with it, but save a little for the TLC of your tresses. It can help with split ends and dry hair. It’s found in a lot of conditioners, such as Organic Root Stimulator brands, but these tend to come with a lot of added chemicals that your hair just doesn’t need, so I usually add it to my coconut oil mixture to give my hair that added shine.

  4. Avocados 

There really is no getting away from this wonder fruit. As well as being rich in oils that help moisturise the hair, it is also full of amino acids, essential for promoting strong, healthy hair growth. Just make sure you whizz it in a blender first to avoid sticking chunks of avocado on your head.


I cannot stress the wonders of lush products enough, and their hair conditioners and masks are all vegetarian, although only around 80% of their products are vegan. My favourite product for curly and afro hair is their (vegan) R & B hair conditioner. Scrunch a little in your hair after washing for added moisture and defined curls. This product is rather pricy though at £10 for a tiny pot, and Lush seem to really underestimate how much product curly haired girls get through! Use sparingly. 

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