Friday, 22 July 2016


Hey kids,

So, if you follow my blog (you should probably get a life, but nevertheless, I'm eternally grateful) you would have noticed that I am that common breed of the "erratic blogger." What was once a dedicated 'How To' blog has turned into a claustrophobic front row seat inside my brain, which is consequently not like the movies at all.

Although I love this blog, I feel like my interests and writing style has developed, and no longer fits neatly inside what I set out to do with this blog. I set out to make people smile, laugh, and perhaps even make them think about the world a bit differently; and I hope I've achieved that to some small extent.

I have decided to delete this blog and move it over to Wordpress, to create a space that is hopefully just as entertaining and informative, but one that is much more "me." I'm inherently lazy, so just know it's a matter of when rather than if. 

Hope to see you at my new place; you're all invited to the housewarming. Bring your own booze, though.

Thanks for the LOLS

Georgia x

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