Thursday, 7 August 2014

How To #16: How To 'Loom'

Looming is the latest craze to hit today’s youngsters- so much so that it’s actually considered a verb- and has since spread, being popular amongst everyone from your neighbour to your grandma. You want to know how to do it, because you secretly think it’s pretty cool, but don’t want to ask your 7 year old cousin because that would be embarrassing. So, if you finally want to enter into the world of looming, follow this beginners guide. Nb: This is how to do the ‘Fishtail Loom,’ if you were hoping on a guide on making a loom dress and selling it for thousands on ebay, you are sadly mistaken.

Step One: Place first desired colour over two fingers in a figure of 8 shape.


Step Two: Place however many more colours desired over your fingers normally (i.e. not in the figure of 8 shape as above)

Step Three: Starting with the first band, take one side and stretch it over your finger, placing it between your two fingers. Repeat with the other side of the band. Repeat this process with the other bands, remembering to add more bands as you go and also stretching the loom occasionally for a neater outcome.

Step Four: When finished, use the pictured 'S' shaped clips to secure the loom at each end.

Ta Da!

So, was it all it’s cracked up to be? Although you may feel an embarrassingly proud sense of achievement when you have finished your loom creation, spending ages basically cutting off the circulation in your fingers with brightly coloured elastic bags does make you question your integrity and frankly, your worthiness as an adult.
Feeling adventurous? There are loads of tutorials on YouTube à
Loom Bands are on sale for £1 per pack at The Entertainer (UK only.) Other stores may vary.
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Happy Looming!
Love Georgia x


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