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How To #8: How to do Prom

It’s prom season right? Right? I don’t know, It’s been two years since my prom, which was unnecessarily built up by the way. What I had imagined was getting picked up by my date, drinking the punch someone had spiked with vodka and dancing the night away. What actually happened was me going to the prom alone because my friend had ditched me last minute for her prom date, the coke was £2.50 a glass so I had to stick to tap water all night, and the only people dancing the night away were the teachers who had had a little too much vino. Bearing in mind this was a UK prom, not a US one, which I’m guessing are exactly how they are in the movies. This was more like an episode from The Inbetweeners. No matter what type of prom you’re having- here’s my guide to making sure your prom goes to plan (sort of, I’m not a miracle worker.)

1.       Choosing a Dress/Tuxedo: In my experience, the boys get this so much more right than the girls. This is because they rent their attire. It’s relatively cheap and they never have to dig it out again, bonus! Girls at my prom splashed out over £200 on a prom dress, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding style (this was the type of school I went to, folks) Mine was a relative bargain at £65 from Jane Norman (R.I.P)- it was £85 but I got a discount because there was a rip in the hem. I’m so classy. Downside is it’s still sitting in my wardrobe collecting dust as I haven’t worn it since. So, my advice is unless you regularly attend balls or are a member of the Royal Family, and will require a formal attire of this type often, rent a dress or tux- it’s cheaper and more practical.


2.       Getting a Date: This is also something that is very Americanised, so us Brits feel pressure to get dates to the prom or risk being a total loner. No teen movie would be complete without a scene where the guy hypes himself up to ask the girl to prom or vice versa of course. I did have a date, sort of, but we decided to go together when we were drunk, and in the cold sober light of day, we realised we didn’t actually like each other (his excuse was: “um, I actually think I’m going on holiday that day.”) So, I was dateless, until I agreed to go with my best friend, deciding to make a girls’ night out of it. Then, she ditched me for an unexpected date. Thus, I ended up going to prom with a larger group of friends, girls and boys, and still had a good time. My point is? Prom dates aren’t actually that important. Just because you don’t have one should not stop you from having a good time.



3.       Getting Ready: Initially, all my girlfriends and I had planned to get ready together, High School Musical style. However, then their turned out to be this craze where it was absolutely necessary to get your hair and make up done professionally. Myself, not one to stick to the status quo, curled my own hair and got my make up done for free at a Boots counter (although I did spend loads on cosmetics afterwards.) I got my eyebrows threaded and my nails done professionally, but we’ll keep that between you and I. This really all is down to choice- getting ready with your friends can be great fun and you can have a sneaky vodka and coke beforehand, however, if you insist on looking your best and have the money to do so- I would advise getting your hair, make-up etc. done professionally.


4.       Arrive in Style: it may be cheesy, but it sure is worth it in order to make an entrance. My friends and I got a limousine to the venue, which looking back was incredibly tacky and I kind of wish I’d arrived in a VW camper van instead. Whatever your taste, despite the cost, hiring an alternative mode of travel is well worth it (unless the venue is down the road to your house, in which case it is not.)



5.       Outside is where the party happens- If your prom venue has an outdoor area, use it, as I quickly found out that this is where the real fun happens. When we first arrived, we were sat around the table, awkwardly drinking our diet cokes whilst being closely monitored by the teachers. Outside, my fellow peers were secretly knocking back beers and having a crafty cigarette- outside is away from the prying eyes of chaperones and also has a more laid back, less formal atmosphere, which is what a girl like me who had previously never worn a pair of heels needed.


6.        Avoid the food if possible: Unless your school is rolling in it and can afford Gordon Ramsay to cook for you- avoid the food like the plague. Not only did the food look disgusting, by the time I’d circled the catering area a few times, all I had done was pick at a soggy Brownie and eat the least Asian samosa I have ever tasted. This is something I have picked up as a basic rule now because of that night- eat before you go out, because you may not like the food there.



7.       Use the Prom to your Advantage: For most people, the prom is the last time you will see the majority of your classmates, some of whom I’m sure you can’t wait to see the back of. Yell, “boo, you whore” to the Regina George in your year, or punch the guy in the face who always got on your nerves. If you can’t tell people how you feel now then you never will.


8.       Do Not Leave too Early: I mistakenly left early 1. Due to an awkward encounter with my then crush and 2. Because the invite said it finished at 11:30, which I had assumed meant that everybody must be out of this building by 11:30 on the dot or else. I left early only to be told by my much more party animal friends that I had “missed all the fun.” Apparently, the party kept jumping til 1:00am, which was not disclosed on the invite. My advice- live out the last days of your Senior year for as long as possible.



9.       Take a Camera: For loads of bathroom selfies, obvs.


10.   Prom is Overrated: so even if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, such is life. Welcome to adulthood. Just enjoy your prom for what it is, even if you do feel like you’ve been cheated out of £35 for décor designed by the year 7 art department.


Have a fab prom!

Love Georgia x  

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