Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hi and welcome to The Sunshine Blog,

I have started many blogs before but have always given up because 1. I never had anything solid to write about and 2. frankly, procrastination is my weakness. So, I decided to write a temporary blog (for now) to record my summer experiences.

After finishing my final A-Level (hallelujah!) last week, I quickly decided that as much as I would like to, it is not healthy to watch Netflix with the curtains closed, avoiding all human contact, everyday until September. Summer doesn't have to be boring even if you are broke and lazy like me. Thus, don't expect posts any time soon about me climbing Mount Everest or bungee jumping, because ain't nobody got the time or money for that (if you have, I wish I was you.)

Therefore, expect stupid, original, crazy new things everyday that I try, and hopefully you and I can both learn something along the way. Happy Reading!

Georgia x

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